Let’s face it, relationships can be hard. Whether it’s with a significant partner, mother, father, child, or work relationship, everyone one of them will have its’ bumps in the road.

However, it is suggested that when a relationship gets too difficult, confusing, or out of control, one seeks out support.

Do you find you are experiencing the following: feel confused after a conflict and the issues are turned around on you have to document certain situations because it provides evidence of truths are always feeling guilty
..there seem too few boundaries in the relationship seems conditional
..there is a lack of empathy
..the partner tries to keep you needing them find you are isolated from friends and family and could even use children to side against you
..your partner is jealous of you find something suspicious and the person denies it even though you have evidence
..your partner is taking credit for something you’ve done
..your partner goes into a rage are constantly broke because your partner is dependant on you find it hard to be independent
..your partner never apologizes
..tells you that you are selfish, inconsiderate, negative, ‘crazy’
..your partner destroys your self-esteem tried to leave the relationship to find that the separation does not last are the scapegoat
..your partner speaks highly of you in front of others but behind closed doors is chastizing and minimizing
..your words are twisted feel punished for not complying

The list can go on it’s exhausting.

You may be in a conflictual relationship with a narcissist. While that descriptor is used often, it is rare that another person will completely understand what you are experiencing.

I invite you to reach out for help.